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3 Ways To Stay Strong

By March 19, 2020April 17th, 2023No Comments

I took a break from the weekly scenarios, and chose to make a video instead.

It goes without saying that we’re living amidst unprecedented times..

Hopefully there’s a few nuggets in here that can support you on your journey.

Or, at the very least, provide us with an opportunity to connect on a more personal level….

0:30 The importance of staying connected.
1:10 Going to be asked to support yourself on 3 levels: physical, spiritual, emotional.
2:20 Understand your emotional triggers. Consider how much info you take in.
3:25 Keep tabs on where you put your energy.
4:10 Social distancing doesn’t mean limiting yourself to connect to your community.
4:45 The 3 things to focus on moving forward.
5:10 Rise up collectively by taking care of yourself individually.


P.S. If you have a subject matter, idea, concern, or whatever that you’d like me to discuss/create a video on in the coming weeks, please let me know.

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