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How Executives Benefit from Vulnerability and Emotional Openness

A Powerful Leadership Tool That Will Set You Apart

May 25, 2023
Want to break the mold and become a better leader? Let's discuss how vulnerability and emotional openness could be the key to unlocking your leadership potential.  Vulnerability, at its core,…
Risk Factors: Emotional Vulnerability as an Executive or Manager

Risk Factors: Emotional Vulnerability as an Executive or Manager

May 16, 2023
As an executive or manager, emotional vulnerability can be a significant risk factor.  Trust is the essential thing you can have and build within any culture. And the only way…
Get Your Team to Do What You Want

Get Your Team To Do What You Want

May 11, 2023
If you own a business or run a team, you have undoubtedly questioned how you get your people to do what you want. It seems they don't listen, and you…
3 Productivity Hacks for Leaders

3 Productivity Hacks for Leaders

May 4, 2023
Many believe that because we all have the same 24 hours in the day, it's up to you how you want to use them. If you view your days from this…
3 Reasons Why You Don't Trust Your Boss

3 Reasons You Don’t Trust Your Boss

April 28, 2023
Have you ever not trusted your boss?  A terrible feeling that doesn't leave room for growth and expansion. The irony is that you join a company to grow and expand. …
3 Ways to Boost Your Resilience at Work

3 Ways To Boost Your Resilience At Work

April 20, 2023
Think about all of the storms that are happening in your life right now. I don’t mean actual tornados and hurricanes and tsunamis...  I mean all of life’s challenges.  These…
How to Stop Feeling Trapped in Life

How To Stop Feeling Trapped In Life

January 24, 2023
Have you ever felt trapped and not sure what to do next? Feeling trapped can be attributed to many different things; it can feel like outside forces are running your…
Turn your fear into viso

Is Your Vision FEELING Bigger Than Your Fear

December 23, 2020
I attended a Facebook marketing webinar a few months ago, and the instructor said something that’s stuck with me ever since…. He started by asking the following question, “Is your…

Do You Have A Fear Of Being Homeless?

December 9, 2020
I haven’t taken a yoga class in quite some time, but was recently reminded of a mantra that I’d often hear teachers share at the end of class… …."The light…
How To Boost Your Perspective During This Crazy Time

How To Boost Your Perspective During This Crazy Time

November 25, 2020
I recently delivered a webinar titled, “How To Create Memorable Online Presentations”, to approximately 2500 people.  In the presentation, I discuss the difference between “emotions” and “feelings” and why it’s critical to understand this differentiation…