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Hi, I’m Adam.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

Seeing people have breakthroughs when they fully understand their internal blocks. 

Witnessing teams and entire companies move from stagnancy into a thriving workflow built on communication and trust.

(Well, that and surfing.)

I’m a leadership coach, mentor, and consultant, the founder of the Art of Masterful Communication, a Forbes columnist, as well as an avid surfer, world traveler, and huge fan and supporter of the Girls Athletic Leadership School. 

I’ve been leading teams and motivating people for over 20 years, starting with my early days of teaching middle school and coaching high school athletics, all the way to working with professional athletes, CEO’s, celebrities, prominent business owners and founders, tech start-up companies, premier yoga and spiritual instructors, and many others who strive to be a better leader in their line of work and take their business to the next level.

Here’s a bit more about my story and how I got here…

From a young age, I found myself in positions of leadership, especially through sports, as I was often called upon to make the big play.

However, my personal world outside of sports didn’t always come as easy for me. I was a sensitive kid, didn’t have “thick skin”, and often acted out through anger and frustration. As I grew older, I partook in excessive partying as a coping mechanism and way to escape from life. I loved having fun and connecting with others, but avoided truly connecting to myself.

When I was 29, I made a commitment to get to know myself better.

With the help of many, I learned that being a sensitive person didn’t always have to work against me, and I developed a greater sense of self-awareness that I could put to good use. The journey was rough at times, but the skills I developed throughout the process proved to be invaluable.

The Roughest Part Of My Journey Was Also A Major Turning Point In My Life.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

It was grueling, but also the most transformative. I emerged from this experience with more empathy and a desire to share my knowledge, wisdom, and gifts with the world. A more in-depth story of my cancer journey can be found in the article below, that I wrote for the Huffington Post.

My mission was to help people.

Playing basketball in college, in Europe, and working with successful business teams taught me how to step forward as a leader. 

I enhanced these skills by being mentored by some of the most prominent facilitators, business minds, and schools in the world.

I made a commitment to further develop my skills as a master level coach and facilitator.

I went to the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute, and received a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, which was one of the coolest and most profound experiences of my life.

Through a culmination of these experiences, I birthed my own proven leadership framework, and have consistently increased results across the board for leaders of all kinds, and at all levels, regardless of their industry.

I’ve packaged these skills into an online program called The Art of Masterful Communication. We’ve supported students in over 70 countries, and teach them communication skills that last a lifetime. The program transforms your ability to connect with yourself and others, propels you to new levels of leadership, and develops the most important skill available to you – your emotional intelligence.

AND….we quantify the results!

We regularly see an increase in aptitude in all 20 categories that we measure within the program and want to provide the same life-changing experience for you, your team, friends, or whoever else matters in your life. 

I feel happiest when I am teaching and coaching others.

My passion for teaching and coaching is one of my main motivators, as I love witnessing people arrive at higher levels of self-awareness, and feeling more confident in their ability to connect with others.

From teaching kids in the classroom, training professional athletes on the field, leading business development teams, and running my own company, I’ve discovered that, at a fundamental level, people want the same things: they want to be seen, heard and acknowledged.

Giving people a platform to express themselves and be recognized not only teaches me a lot about myself, it brings me a ton of fulfillment.

This is when I feel happiest. I’d love for you to join me on this journey.



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