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For a few months, I will provide a series of 12 scenarios that I hope you’ll find thought-provoking. 

The intention behind this is to create simple, relevant experiences that are relatable and may “show up” in your day-to-day activities. 

Each scenario will display a “before” and “after” comparison, encouraging you to think about how the particular scenario may play a role in your life. 

Along with this, I’ll provide some additional thoughts/questions that will support you in your journey towards becoming a masterful communicator. 

In all of the examples, the “after” is replaced with “Masterful Communicator”...

Here ya go…

Not enough time in the day

What’s that saying??…..

“Everyone has 24 hours in the day, you determine how you use your own.” 

Don’t you love hearing this?! ESPECIALLY when you’re feeling disengaged, and unproductive 🙂 

Well, fortunately, or unfortunately, it’s the truth. And, as I mentioned in a previous newsletter, it’s all about taking small steps to get big results. 

How you choose to allocate the hours in your day is what gives you the best opportunity to complete your small steps and move towards your big results.

With my weekly clients, I give them one, or two things to focus on for the upcoming week that will assist them in moving their business, or any other relevant items, forward. 

I refer to these as 3 ft tosses. Here’s why… 

If I give you 6 horseshoes and ask you to toss them at a stake from either 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 feet, and give you points for every ringer, equivalent to the distance of each toss, where would you choose to toss your horseshoes from? 

For instance, if you get two ringers from 12 feet, this would be a total of 24 pts. 

Your decision would probably depend on a few variables, including risk tolerance, vision, strength, etc. 

If I included that I want you to think about your decision from the perspective of “small steps, big results”, where would you toss them from? 

Drum roll….

The answer is 3 feet. 

Consider this…

If you’re standing 3 ft away from the stake, you could place all 6 ringers in one hand, lean over and ring them all at once, for a total of 18 points. 

YES, It is possible that you’re really good at horseshoes and could step back and ring 3 tosses from 9 feet for a total of 27 points….

BUT is it guaranteed that you’ll be able to do this?…The answer is “NO”. 

The 3ft toss is guaranteed. 

…..and it requires that you lean into the stake to make it happen; it asks you to stretch yourself a little bit to make it happen. 

Any time you stretch yourself towards completing a small step, there’s a good chance you’re going to feel rejuvenated, and prepared to move onto the next small step.

In order to do this effectively, you have to slow down, and get strategic.

I learned about the 3ft toss in my masters program. It’s stayed with me ever since. I hope it resonates for you as well.

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