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How To Stop Feeling Trapped In Life

By January 24, 2023May 4th, 2023No Comments

Have you ever felt trapped and not sure what to do next? Feeling trapped can be attributed to many different things; it can feel like outside forces are running your life. It can feel as if nothing ever goes your way. And it can feel like you’ll be trapped for the rest of your life.

Concerning your profession, it could feel like you’re bumping up against the ceiling at your current job and desiring a new challenge. Or, maybe you’re feeling unclear and frustrated, not knowing what direction to take your career. Perhaps you’re feeling defeated by the politics of everything around you. Or, it could be that you’ve been laid off and feel paralyzed, trying to figure out what to do next.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to stop feeling trapped in your life, keep reading or watch the video below because I will give you a four-step process that you can rely on daily to help you get untrapped and feel empowered.  

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4-Step Process to Stop Feeling Trapped


Step 1: Question

One of the biggest challenges that keep you stuck is your inability to slow down and reassess your situation. When you feel overwhelmed, confused, stagnated, or flat out in a rut, the tendency is to want to do more and do it faster so that you can feel better as quickly as possible. However, after working with prominent leaders from all over the world, I have seen the benefits time and time again of slowing down and getting out of the rat race that’s happening in your head. So much power and wisdom can be gained when you choose to slow down. Remember, you contain the understanding and have all the answers inside you. Slowing down is the only way to access those answers. And it all starts with asking yourself powerful questions such as:

  • What does an ideal situation look like for me?
  • What fears get in the way of my forward movement?
  • What is one action item I can take today?
  • How will I celebrate taking action?

As you may notice, these questions begin with “what” or “how.” “What” and “how” questions allow you to explore what holds meaning for you and how to move forward best.

Step 2: Reflection

Reflection is where the magic happens. It is a signifying moment where you give your brain permission to pause and think deeply or carefully about the question. This process allows you to manifest your desired outcomes and activate your creativity. It also helps you learn about the patterns and behaviors that have held you back. In the past, I felt trapped and disorganized in my business and couldn’t run a successful business. I worked longer and faster and, ironically, started regressing. I felt like I was moving backward. So I had to pause and ask myself a powerful question for honest reflection. i.e., “What is keeping me stuck?”

Step 3: Insight

An insight is an ah-ha moment when you discover how to make something happen and bring an idea to life; it’s about creating ideas and new perspectives through self-exploration. When I asked myself, “What is keeping me stuck?” I discovered that I needed to slow down and plan versus going 100 miles/per hour and feeling disorganized and frantic. When you pause and reflect on a situation, you become more insightful and informed about what’s happening inside you. Sometimes it can be helpful to work with a coach, mentor, or therapist to support you in getting untrapped; books and seminars can also be beneficial. Whatever the case, investing in yourself through self-exploration boosts your creativity and helps propel you toward taking action.

Step 4: Action

The final step is taking action. It’s not enough to reflect and gain insights; you must take action to move forward and create change in your life. It’s easy to get stuck in the analysis paralysis of overthinking and not take any action. It’s important to remember that incremental, small steps can have a considerable impact.

Start by identifying one action item you can take today to achieve your desired outcome. It doesn’t have to be a huge step; it can be something as simple as reaching out to a mentor or updating your resume. The key is to take action and keep moving forward.

And don’t forget to celebrate your progress along the way. Celebrating small wins can be incredibly motivating and help keep you on track toward your goals.

Feeling trapped can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. By taking the time for reflection, you can move towards action, break free from the cycle of feeling trapped, and start moving toward your desired outcomes. The tendency is to get caught up in all the external things happening in your life that appear to be the primary contributors to your feeling trapped; remember to shift your focus inward, explore your internal stuck points with powerful questions and focus on your emotional well-being. This will propel you forward to create the life that you want.