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What Is Your Normal?

By April 2, 2020April 17th, 2023No Comments

Have you heard that little voice inside of your head echoing the sentiment, “I can’t wait til things get back to normal.”

I’d be surprised if you haven’t, given that the pursuit of normalcy is a primary topic of discussion these days.

Which begs me to ask the question, “What Is Your Normal?”

To be frank, I’m not sure what mine is.

My immediate response is that “normal” sounds kinda boring.

Or, as my Mom would say, “baahhring”.

She’s from Boston….

……Is this “normal” thing something that lies ahead?

Is it something that’s going to be announced?….

“Hey everyone, things are normal again, you can go back to being normal.”  

….when you think about it, the pursuit of normalcy keeps you focused on the future (The Unknown) ….and when you “live” in the future, two things happen: 

  1. Stimulates anxiety
  2. Removes you from the present moment 

Anxiety, in simple terms, is fear of the unknown.

And….The present moment is ALL YOU HAVE.  

The present moment IS YOUR NORMAL; otherwise it would be something else.

So, with your present normal, albeit quite challenging, comes opportunities. 

One opportunity that you have immediate control over is your ability to tap into your creativity.

Being creative keeps you present.

Being creative puts you into “action”. 

Being creative stimulates your life force, and reduces anxiety.

Perhaps it’s drawing, painting, writing, singing, or starting a new business, building a new shelf, re-arranging your closet, etc.

Whatever it is, don’t wait for your normal to come back to you.

Instead…..Create it! 

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