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What Are You Seeing

By January 23, 2019July 16th, 2019No Comments

In my newsletter from a few weeks ago, I suggested that reflection drives action and provided you with the following formula:

Question > Reflection > Insight > Inspiration > Action.

Reflection comes from asking yourself, or someone else, a powerful question; typically starting with “what” or “how”…..

Once you, or the other person, takes a moment to pause and reflect, it provides an opportunity to create new insights, which often fuels inspiration, and ultimately drives action.

The formula works because a person is exponentially more likely take action on something when they have an opportunity to create their own insights, versus someone giving them advice.

So, with this being said, I invite you to consider the following question….

What has your life been like since Jan 1?

And when you consider this question, I encourage you to be honest with yourself.


Take a look at your patterns and behaviors and start to evaluate if you’ve fallen into old patterns from the past that haven’t served you in the ways that you want to be served…..OR…

….created new patterns and behaviors that feel good and provide you with type of fulfillment you seek in your life.

The truth is that there are always going to be external variables that are out of your control.

When you recognize that you have very little control over these things, it becomes important to take inventory on how you respond to them.

If you’ve taken a min to reflect, and learned that you haven’t responded favorably to your external circumstance……..GREAT!…

Now you have an opportunity to learn from them and respond in a different way moving forward 🙂

This is the power of reflection!

I’ve received quite a few emails and responses from people over the last few weeks and would love to hear your response to this week’s newsletter.

Let me know if this opportunity of reflection gives you the inspiration that you need to take action on something in your life.

Excited to hear from you!

P.S. In previous newsletters, I’ve mentioned the upcoming July 12-14, Expand Into Greatness, retreat at the beautiful Zen Center, in Muir Woods, outside of San Francisco.

Toma and I got together this past weekend to flush out the details and I’m super excited to share them with you soon. It’s going to be an awesome weekend! Click here if you want to be notified when all the details are available.

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