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This Action Built Trust

By September 25, 2019April 17th, 2023No Comments

The old adage is that it takes time to build trust with someone.

In some cases, I agree.

There’s an element of consistency and truthfulness that supports the growth of a trusting relationship.

AND, I also feel that there are things that you can do that will immediately instill a sense of trust in another person.

A few months ago, I was leading a group coaching call with a team of engineers and one of the team members shared something that has stuck with me ever since.

The discussions for that particular day focused on the subjects of “listening” and “acknowledgment”.

During the call, I asked them to share a positive work experience of giving or receiving acknowledgment.

One guy told the story of when he was working with a team on a big project that contained a lot of moving pieces.

He was immersed in many facets of the project and feeling stressed; however, quickly learned how the power of acknowledging his team members would enable him to free up his time and focus on the big picture.

He shared the following with the group, “I took a few seconds to tell each individual that they were doing a great job, and after I did this, didn’t have to look over their shoulders anymore”.


The simple action of acknowledging each individual had three major consequences:

1. He empowered his team members
2. He surrendered into the process and relinquished control
3. He built trust

And when you have trust with an organization, or team, amazing things can happen.

His story had an immediate impact on me and hope that it does on you as well.

It’s also way more enjoyable to work in this type of environment as well.

Don’t ya think?!


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