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Dear Cancer — I Love You

By November 14, 2015July 16th, 2019No Comments

Last August I walked into my doctor’s office, listened to him clear his throat and say  — “Adam, you have Thyroid Cancer.”

CANCER?! Me?! Can’t be! I’m an athlete! I eat well, practice yoga, meditate… Wait… ME?!

What I quickly learned is that within the spectrum of cancers, thyroid cancer is probably the best to have. Encouraging news… But it didn’t give me much reason to celebrate. As the information fully seeped in, I could feel my fear escalate. I immediately started crying, and simultaneously, I could also feel a part of myself holding back.

In anticipation of the floodgates opening, I became increasingly restless. The next 10 minutes felt like an eternity, and the moment I made it out the door, I hopped on my bike, rode in a fog down to the beach, opened the floodgates and cried like I hadn’t cried in a long time….

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