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Wheel to Get Real

Your COVID Coaching Success Stories

By July 8, 2020April 17th, 2023No Comments

Amidst The COVID roller coaster ride, I want to share 3 coaching success stories with you. 

Each of these are examples of people stepping into their fears. 

Each of these demonstrates the power of incremental growth 

AND….hopefully…..each of these will inspire you…



One of my clients is leading an enterprise sales effort for his organization and overseeing a team of account executives (AE’s). 

He’s crushing it on the sales side of things; however, struggling with his AE’s. 

Having been a master of his own sales domain for 20+ years, he’s being asked to stretch beyond his comfort zone, relinquish control and empower others. 

This is new for him and has been stressful. 

In response, we’ve decided to have him create an alliance with his AE’s.

An alliance is a union or association formed for mutual benefit….  

And the process of doing so looks something like this….

  1. Be vulnerable and share with the AE’s that he’s been struggling and feeling stressed.
  2. Express that he’d like to get aligned with them.
  3. Share areas in which he has an opportunity to improve as a leader. 
  4. Ask for what he wants/needs from the AE’s.
  5. Get clear on expectations from both sides.  
  6. Co-create a document that outlines everything and holds everyone accountable.

The power in this process is derived from his willingness to look at the uncomfortable parts of himself; the parts of him that don’t want to give up control. 

Having this type of vulnerable conversation with his team isn’t easy; however, the opportunity for personal growth and expansion is undeniable.     



Value is perceived. 

And it starts with one’s internal value – when a person aligns with their internal value, sharing their value with others is easy.

However, when there’s uncertainty on one’s internal value, sharing it with others becomes a cluster f**k. 

One of my client’s has his own service based business…. 

Over the last year, he’s gradually aligned with his own internal value. 

The process of aligning within himself hasn’t been easy; in fact, it’s been painstaking at times.

Self-doubt, and a lack of self-worth has risen to the surface. 

He’s been met with his own imposter syndrome – the fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

AND….he’s responded beautifully. 

He’s faced his fears head on and feeling excited….

His business is growing exponentially…… 

He’s bumped up his pricing……landing new gigs –  Asking for 2x, 3x, and sometimes 4x his previous asking price.

ALL OF THIS is happening because he’s connected to his value.  

AND……because of this, more opportunities undoubtably await!



On some level, my guess is that COVID has required you to slow down.


Some of you may be like, “Ahhhhhhh NOOOOOOOO, all my kids are at home, and it’s been GO GO GO..” 

If this is the case, I encourage you to reflect on the areas of your life in which you have slowed down.

Any come to mind?

How have these moments benefited you? 

The process of slowing down during COVID has been felt in my client’s business. 

He’s an entrepreneur, owns his own business, and found a nice groove of moving at a slower pace. 

In recent conversations, he’s alluded to the pre-COVID ways of doing things. – fast, furious, and noisy. 

Since COVID, he’s taken a slower approach to working with clients. 

In doing so, he’s created more boundaries with himself i.e. going for walks, instead of working non-stop, and been far more selective with his overall availability.

Along with this, he’s setting clear expectations for his projects. – timelines, the pace, intentions, objectives…. 

And, he feels way better! 

Yes, his business has endured setbacks, BUT…..

…..his ability to surrender into the process, accept the current state of things, and shift some of his behaviors has benefited him greatly. 

People are responding favorably to his new communication style and his business continues to thrive.