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What would your fear say to you

By September 26, 2018October 9th, 2019No Comments

I recently started working with a new client.

She’s been with her current company for 15 years and recently changed roles within the organization.

Over the years, she’s worn a number of different hats, and successfully moved through a variety of transitions in the process.

Lately, she’s been feeling reluctant about her new role in the company and lacking confidence.

In her previous role, colleagues and co-workers frequently sought her out to talk about their personal challenges and problems, and she always made herself available to listen and provide emotional support; she was the mama bear of the company and loved it.

With her new position, she’s concerned that she’s not going to have the same type of impact.

She’s feeling fearful, scared and uncertain as a result.

During our most recent discussion, and in an effort to help her better understand how she’s feeling, I asked her, “what would your fear say if you gave it a voice?

This is a skill I learned from one of my teachers a few years ago and that works brilliantly.

She was a little perplexed with this at first, but gave it a try and made some big discoveries about herself in the process.

In today’s video, I share more about the process of “giving your fear a voice” and how I utilized this practice with my client to help her gain a huge boost of confidence.

What are some of the things that you do to boost your confidence when you’re feeling fearful?

Are you willing to try the technique of “giving your fear a voice” a try?

In the coming week, I encourage you to tap into your self-awareness and listen for the stories your fears are telling you and then give yourself compassion in response.

I’m curious to hear how this goes for you. Please let me know.

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