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What do you do when you get hacked?

By September 20, 2018October 9th, 2019No Comments

My life got hacked the other day.

So, I’m using this week’s blog post to share my experience. I’ll continue with the remainder of the video series next week.

On Monday, suddenly my phone stopped working and my Gmail, a few financial and other personal accounts got hacked.

Due to my phone not working, when I went into my Gmail accounts to change my password, I wasn’t able to receive a text or phone call to do so.


I called AT&T to figure out what happened and after hours of agonizing discussion, learned that my SIM card was fried and needed to get a new one in the morning.

Throughout the process, I had a lot of fear, overwhelm and anger.

While I was speaking to one of the AT&T representatives, I could feel my anger coming up and myself starting to push the conversation….

This is an emergency

Do I really need to answer all of these questions right now

Can you PLEASE tell me if this is related to my Gmail accounts

The woman on the other end could feel my frustration, but didn’t let it phase her; she kept moving forward with her protocol.

After a few minutes of being a jackass and letting my emotions get the best of me, I said to her, “I’m really sorry if I’m being pushy, I’m feeling scared and really frustrated.

She was really cool about it and I felt better about the situation as well.

Expressing my emotions and being candid with her was a huge relief for me. From that point forward, it seemed that we were able to arrive at a solution pretty quickly.

Here are my 10 takeaways from the experience:

1) Feelings and emotions can get the best of me.
2) Fear can be crippling.
3) Taking responsibility for my emotions is super important.
4) Conscious breathing during times of crisis is a life savior.
5) Cyber security is the real deal.
6) We are all vulnerable and on many levels.
7) I need to be aware of my old negative patterns and behaviors.
8) My brother and sister n law are awesome.
9) I have an amazing business partner.
10) SIM cards matter. (Haha. I couldn’t think of a 10th)

If you have a moment(s) this week of feeling frustrated, or angry, consider taking a few deep breaths, or possibly acknowledging that you’re feeling that way.

Sharing your feelings with the other person(s) can be a huge relief and potentially move you towards a solution even faster.

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