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The common formula that gets results…

By April 17, 2019July 16th, 2019No Comments

I have 2 clients who I’ve been coaching for the last 3 years.

Every week we hop on the phone for 50-60 mins, talk about their work, life, strategies, relationships, discoveries, etc.

Both are entrepreneurs and own successful businesses…

and lately, the conversations have been full of joys and triumphs.

What’s interesting is that, on the surface, neither has had major changes in their lives.

Their families remain the same, they have the same jobs, and their lifestyles haven’t changed much either.

BUT…what HAS changed significantly is the connection that they’ve fostered within themselves; their internal lives….

Each has taken a different path to get to this place; a place that feels grounded, joyful, balanced, and clear. And what’s amazing is that both recognize that they’ve arrived in this place.

I was speaking with one of them the other day…..

What’s cool about his experience is that he FEELS the results of his work. It’s palpable.

He recognizes that his life is different; he sees how he responds differently to external chaos and drama; he makes conscious choices on the people he chooses to partner with and bring into his life.

In years prior, he would have continued working with someone he wasn’t in alignment with because he felt bad, or wanted to give that particular person another chance, or was fearful of moving in a different direction….

These choices caused him a lot of internal conflict.

Today he only partners with people who are aligned with his vision, who appreciate his work, and bring huge value to the table. He doesn’t make exceptions anymore.  

He feels empowered.

In taking a closer look at the respective journeys of both of these clients, there seems to be a common formula…

…both show up for our phone call every week….same day, same time….and choose to put in the personal work…..

….Both are willing to take a closer look at their patterns and behaviors.

Both are willing to be vulnerable

Both are willing to explore and learn more about themselves…

They show up for each coaching call and life with an open mind, remove expectations as much as possible, are   willing to let guard down, are OK with discomfort, are  comfortable not being able to measure results.

And, have faith and trust that the results will come.

Eventually, the intangible become tangible, and they relish in those moments of reflection when each can say,…..

“Oh SHIT…NOW I know why that shitty thing happened to me 2 years ago.”

The journey of self-awareness is a windy, unpredictable one; It’s been awesome witnessing these guys go through it.

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