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Self-Awareness Yields Results

By April 24, 2019July 16th, 2019No Comments

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in April.

Firstly, the overarching theme for the month was “Self-Awareness”, as we focused on topics such as ownership, choice, and connection…..

Here are some highlights from the month…

1) Self-awareness is acknowledging how you feel and taking ownership for how you respond to the world.  

Often times it’s easy to point the finger at others when you feel upset by something they said, or did.

When you check yourself, and acknowledge how their actions made you feel, it puts the onus on you to take responsibility.

One of my clients felt upset by something a colleague said to him. As we discussed the situation, he paused and said to me,

I’m not sure if this is my ego getting the best of me, or what it is, but this situation is really bothering me.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if it was his ego or not, what’s important is that he refrained from pointing the finger and blaming the other person for his upset, and basically said, “what’s my role in this thing?

A wonderful example of self-awareness.

2) The Empowered Path Is A Choice.

Choosing” by Sami Sunchild….A poem about empowerment…

In my life, I am the chooser.

Do I say, “Look what life is doing to me”? Or do I say, “Look what I am doing to life”?

There is a power in choosing, there is special power in knowing I am the chooser at every moment.

In every situation, even when I do not take action, even when I do not make a decision, I am choosing to not decide, I am choosing to not take action.

At every moment, I choose who I keep company with – or not to keep company.

I choose what I learn – or not to learn anything.

I choose how I spend my time – including choosing to not choose.

In life, I choose my mentors – or not to have a mentor, not to admire and emulate anybody, not to ask for help.

When I go out the door, I turn right or left, or go straight ahead. The path I take can influence my whole life.

I can even choose not to go out at all. Most importantly, I choose which ideas, actions, foods, drinks, substances, I say “no” to, and which I say “yes” to.

I teach myself a thousand times a day to make brilliant decisions – or not.  

Choosing the empowered state isn’t always an easy choice to make. In fact, it can be quite difficult.

Daily challenges will show up in your life…..

Difficult work relationships.
Old patterns and behaviors.
Physical ailments in your body.

One of the best questions you can ask to empower yourself in these moments is, “What is this trying to teach me?

3) Look Within And The Results Will Come

Through hard work, reflection, honesty and consistency, 2 of my long term clients have demonstrated remarkable shifts in their external lives due to the connection that they’ve fostered within themselves; their internal lives….

In taking a closer look at the respective journeys of both of these clients, there seems to be a common formula…

both show up for our phone call every week…same day, same time….and choose to put in the personal work…

Both are willing to take a closer look at their patterns and behaviors.

Both are willing to be vulnerable…

Both are willing to explore and learn more about themselves…

They show up for each coaching call and life with an open mind, remove expectations as much as possible, are   willing to let guard down, are OK with discomfort, are  comfortable not being able to measure results.

And, have faith and trust that the results will come.

Hopefully you’ll find this month’s takeaways to be supportive.

For the month of May, we’ll focus on “choice” and how it plays a role in the development of your emotional intelligence and ability to practice kindness.

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