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Ready to change your life?

By May 22, 2019April 17th, 2023No Comments

Over the past few months, I’ve briefly spoke about our upcoming 2-day retreat & 3-month coaching program called, Expand Into Greatness.

I’m really excited about the program and want to share a little more information with you.

Firstly, the retreat is taking place on July 12-14.

The 3 month coaching program immediately follows…

The intention of the program is to help you identify the ONE THING that would make the biggest difference in your life if you were able to address it effectively.

On the surface, this seems really easy to do….

Focus on one thing….

Make the change…


BUT…..we know too well the sobering truth that change is hard, and even harder to maintain.

Typically, it isn’t a lack of willpower.

Rather, the failure to meet your goals, may be the result of your emotional immune system…

…a system that helps protect you from the emotional fallout that can come from change…

….namely disappointment and shame.

In our program, we provide you with a framework to overcome emotional pitfalls and help you arrive at true transformation.

Toma Ramirez and I provide a breakdown of the retreat/coaching program, and everything it has to offer here (scroll down).

Often times, there are things that you perceive as obstacles that are keeping you from your goals; however, they’re often what we refer to as competing commitments.

For example, let’s say you want to make one of these changes in your life…

Receive a promotion.

Get a new job.

Go back to school.

Begin a new career.

Start a new business….

The easy thing to do is to surrender your goals to a lack of time, money, or support, and throw in the towel…

Versus taking a closer look at how you’re utilizing your scarce resources……

Is going back to school worth the investment for you?

Can you tolerate the professional reset you’ll have to make by switching careers – likely making less money at a lower-level position?

We support you in confronting your core values and squaring off with the motivations that have been driving your decisions thus far.

We help you determine whether forces such as….



& Risk Aversion…

….are still relevant. 

The idea being that if you’re open to revising these driving forces, you will find it easier to achieve your desired change.

Through our Expand Into Greatness program, we help you do this!

All the information you need to learn about the program is on the Expand Into Greatness page.

Here are a few of the highlights — You’ll…

* Immerse yourself in a 2-day retreat at the breathtaking Green Gultch Farm.

* Eat organic meals delivered farm to table. 

* Get your own private bedroom. 

* Receive tons of individual focused attention. 

* Engage with a community of like-minded people. 

* Flow through beautiful morning yoga classes. 

* Connect with your heart-felt desire for expansion. 

* Receive a proven methodology for long-lasting change.

* Learn a framework to break free from your self-limiting beliefs. 

* Create a personalized map of your psychological immune system. 

* Have 3 months of continued support via 1:1 and group coaching.

* Plus, much more!  

Toma and I bring over 40 years of combined leadership experience to this program.

Our intention is to bring HUGE VALUE to you…

Total VALUE of the Expand Into Greatness 2-day retreat and 3-month coaching program is over $10,000….

….We’re offering it to you for ONLY $897, OR, 3 payments of $299!

If you’re serious about taking the next step in your life, you can’t miss this game-changing opportunity.

If you want to get to know Toma and I a little better, check out the video on the information page – we speak about the program, what’s included and value.

I’ll share more about the program in the coming weeks.

I invite you to check out the information page, Expand Into Greatness.

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