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Wheel to Get Real

How To Boost Your Perspective During This Crazy Time

By November 25, 2020April 17th, 2023No Comments

I recently delivered a webinar titled, “How To Create Memorable Online Presentations”, to approximately 2500 people. 

In the presentation, I discuss the difference between “emotions” and “feelings” and why it’s critical to understand this differentiation when speaking to your audience. 

Emotions are physical states that arise in your BODY, as responses to external stimuli. 

Feelings take place in your MIND and are mental associations and reactions to emotions. 

So, for example, if you and I are experiencing the emotion of anger, you may feel curious and want to learn more about the anger, while I may feel ashamed that I’ve experienced anger in the first place. 

The point of this exercise is to demonstrate that each recipient of an online presentation, i.e. everyone in the audience, is having their own experience.

And as a presenter, when you embrace this perspective, it becomes much easier to NOT take things personally and HAVE more compassion. 

As you enter into the holiday season, and next phase of the lockdown, I encourage you to consider the notion that in the “real world”, everyone is also having their own experience….

…..AND, perhaps most importantly, is the notion that YOU’RE having your own experience; an experience that is unique to you and deserves YOUR attention. 

When you allow yourself to give your emotions and feelings attention, you foster a deeper sense of self-awareness. 

Fostering your self-awareness amidst these crazy times is perhaps the most important gift that you can give yourself for the holidays.

In doing so, you prepare your central nervous system to cope and deal with YOUR challenging emotions, as they rise to the surface. 

When you feel as if your emotions are getting the best of you and spinning out of control, I encourage you to ask for help – seek out the resources that will support you through it.

One of the more devastating byproducts from the events of 2020 is that we’ve all had to adjust to a more isolated lifestyle and on many levels, been stripped of our sense of community.  

And now we’re moving into the freakin’ holidays!!  

How bout dem apples?! 

If you recall, this is the time of year when you’ve typically been running around with your head cut off; staying so busy that it’s been nearly impossible to FEEL anything. 

Well…..this year is different. 

You will have plenty of time to FEEL all of your shit. 

This holiday will inevitably be MUCH SLOWER…..

You won’t have to run around to get ALL THE THINGS done…

In fact, even if you wanted to run around, where are you gonna go? 

Buying gifts, 

Cramming into department stores, 

Attending 15 holiday parties, 

Drinking 6 nights/week…

These sound like first world problems, right?!…

Well, YES, they are..

HOWEVER, it doesn’t diminish the fact that that the removal of these events may leave you feeling lonely and isolated, OR, spending way more time with your family that you have in previous years.

Both of these scenarios can be quite challenging. 

On top of this you may be experiencing other life altering events, such as loosing a job, or a loved one due to illness. 

Whatever your situation is, I encourage you to give yourself compassion.

You are doing the best that you can!

Be good to yourself.

Have faith that this time shall pass, and start to manifest the future you desire. 

On the flip side, if all is well in your world, and you’re feeling balanced and grounded, there’s no better time to be in service to others. 

Be on the lookout for people who are going through a difficult time.

Support your brothers and sisters. 

Do your very best to put your political differences aside….AND…

PLEASE remember that everyone is having their own experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!