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How Often Do You Play?

By February 20, 2019July 16th, 2019No Comments

A few weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter on “approachability” and asked you the question, “Are you approachable?”

……..and suggested that you have an opportunity to improve your overall approachability. 

The big question is… do you do this?  

There are a number of variables that come into play when considering this question; however, there’s one simple formula that will immediately support you….

And the formula is….play more.

Yup, it’s that simple….Get out and play.

There’s a reason we give kids recess time to run around, blow off some steam, and just be themselves.

Many of those same reasons work for adults as well, but for some reason, we don’t give ourselves permission to do the same. 

More and more scientific studies are demonstrating that the power of play is just as impactful for adults as it is for kids. – not only is it energizing, it’s deeply involved with human development and intelligence. 

Yes, it can make you smarter at any age.

Here’s 9 science backed reasons to get out and play more: 

You’ll be less stressed
You’ll have better relationships
You’ll have more energy
You’ll be more creative
You’ll improve brain function
You’ll write better
You’ll sleep better
You’ll be more confident
You’ll set more ambitious goals

During the remainder of the week, I encourage you to make time to get out and play….dance, surf, play with your kids, play a sport…

Whatever it may be, make it YOUR time to release static energy and something that puts a smile on your face. 

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