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How are you showing up at work and in your life?

By February 27, 2019July 16th, 2019No Comments

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in February.

Firstly, the overarching theme for the month was “presence”, as we focused on themes such as your approachability, accountability and play. 

Improving in these areas will undoubtedly give you a stronger presence in the world, not only within yourself, but the way that you show up for others.  

Here are some highlights from the month…

Your Energy Impacts Your Approachability:

When considering your approachability, it’s important to learn how you best work with your energy throughout your days.

As for me, I love being social and interacting with others; however, need my alone time to recharge my battery and bring my ‘best self’to the world. 

These tend to be characteristics of an introvert.

Here’s a list of characteristics and self-care approaches for both introverts and extroverts….

Energized by alone time
Keeps to self
Internally aware
Fewer friends
Prefer smaller groups
Not socially inclined
Enjoys solitude

Read a book
Walk outside with good music
Get in nature by yourself
Take a nap

Likes groups, parties, etc. 
Energized by interaction
Expressive & enthusiastic
Volunteers personal information
Has many friends
Easy to approach

Collaborate on a project
Write letter to a friend
Throw a party
Compliment others
Engage in spiritual practice with others
An Accountability Partner Keeps You Sharp:

In order to take the next step in your career, regardless of what level you currently reside in, it becomes essential for you to identify how others receive and perceive you and take full responsibility for your outcomes. 

Often times, it can be very difficult for an individual to identify these things and more so, hold themselves accountable for them. 

When you have an accountability partner, you have an opportunity to learn more about the things that you’re unaware of and often trip you up. 

There are many reasons to have an accountability partner; here are 5: 

1) Keep you focused on goals.
2) Someone to confide in. 
3) Share networks and knowledge.
4) Gives you new perspective. 
5) Encouragement and support. 

Making Time To Play Has Huge Benefits: 

There’s been tons of research that demonstrates how “playing” can have huge benefits on your well-being. 

One of the benefits that often rings true for me is that playtime boosts my creativity. 

And when I’m tapped into my own creativity, I tend to feel at my best. I’ve found this to be true for many of my clients as well. 

In case you missed last week’s newsletter, here’s 9 science backed reasons to get out and play more: 

1) You’ll be less stressed
2) You’ll have better relationships
3) You’ll have more energy
4) You’ll be more creative
5) You’ll improve brain function
6) You’ll write better
7) You’ll sleep better
8) You’ll be more confident
9) You’ll set more ambitious goals
Hopefully you’ll find this month’s takeaways to be supportive. 

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