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Do You Ever Feel Anxious?

By May 8, 2019April 17th, 2023No Comments

In last week’s newsletter, I shared one of my favorite quotes from my teachers:

“Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality”

This quote has served me quite well over the years, because it always forces me to get real with myself and as I spoke about last week, not point the finger at others for my own unresolved issues.

I’m human, so yah, I’m going to point my finger at times; however, this quote serves as a powerful reminder for me.

Speaking of last week, I received a bunch of email responses from different folks (always awesome to hear from you) with thoughts and questions regarding the subject matter, so figure it’s a good idea to dive a little deeper into the notion that your outer experience is a reflection of your inner reality.

Let’s break it down into real simple terms….

If things feel chaotic and out of control in your external world, meaning….

Relationships aren’t working out and you’re feeling sad. 

You find yourself feeling angry and in lots of disagreements.

Life is one mishap after another.

You get REALLY frustrated with customer support. 🙂

….then there’s a REALLY good chance that your internal world is chaotic as well.

By internal world, I mean, the uncomfortable emotions that you feel inside of you.

And when you point your finger at others, it means that you have unresolved issues that you’re not attending to. Period.  
Often times, these unresolved issue lead to a general feeling of anxiety, and rather than exploring things further and getting to the root of the problem, people will often take the position of the victim and associate their anxieties with the things I list above…relationships, life, and customer support.

(Customer support conversations always serve as a nice barometer for me.)

So, my encouragement is for you to take a deeper look within, try to access the root, and always know that, “Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality”.

Maybe write this quote down on your desk, or tape it to your laptop…Place it into your consciousness.

When life becomes challenging, and you begin to feel anxious, use this quote as your guide and then do things that will support your health, well-being and bring peace to your inner world. 

Perhaps it’s meditation, walking, yoga, surfing, running, training, eating well, drinking water, going on a retreat, spending quality time with your partner/kids…Whatever it is, take responsibility for yourself and know that you have control of your inner reality.

And, once you do, I think you’ll find that you’ll bring more peace to your external world as well.

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