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Are You A 5 Or A 10?

By November 28, 2018April 17th, 2023No Comments

There’s a belief that the “Middle Way” is what creates happiness for oneself and others. 

The “Middle Way” is probably best described as the path between two extremes. 

In today’s world, you’re often encouraged to pursue the extremes; I refer to it as the path of the “10”. 

Be the BEST! 
Pursue the BEST!
Compete for the BEST
Look the BEST! 

AND…when you have the BEST, you’re supposed to feel awesome, right?! 


What happens when the BEST turns into the WORST? Then what? 

Typically, it means that you fall into a depression and a myriad of self-judgements on why you’re not good enough, worthy, etc. 

This is living a life of extremes. 

If you live for the 10’s, this means you fall to the 0’s. 

So, what if you choose to pursue the path of the 5? Then what?

What if I told you that the 5 is the new 10? 🙂 

Lately, I’ve been inspired by one of my client’s individual pursuits to live his life as a 5. 

He runs a successful and growing business and over the past few months, has closed bigger deals than usual. 

We’ve been working together for many years and in the past, he tended to get super excited about his “big wins”, dropped a few “f yahs” and rode his emotions for the remainder of the day. 

His latest response to closing these big deals has felt very different. 

In fact, he hasn’t had much of a response at all, but rather, demonstrated a level of calmness that he’s carried with him into closing his next big deal. 

You see, what I haven’t shared with you is that he’s lost out on a few big opportunities as well.

​​​​​​​AND, what’s been really impressive is that he’s had the same type of response that he had with his “big wins” — calm, cool and collected. 

He’s cognizant of his choice to pursue the path of the 5. 

He’s loving his new approach. 

He loves that he doesn’t get too high, or low. 

He finds a ton of joy in pursuing the middle ground. 

He’s able to sustain a level of energy that he didn’t have before. 

He’s well equipped to take his business to it’s next level of success, because he knows that he won’t be driven by his emotions.

So, for the next week, I encourage you to think about pursuing the life of the 5.

  • How will this benefit your business?
  • How will this enhance your relationships?
  • Will this bring more joy into your life?  

Be cool with the “Middle Way” and see how things unfold for you. 

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