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Wheel to Get Real

And So It Is…

By August 26, 2020April 17th, 2023No Comments

In my Masters program from a few years ago, we would often conclude a group prayer, sharing session, or some form of collective participation with the mantra, “And So It Is”. 

This mantra was used as a mechanism to bring us into the present moment. 

It reminded us that we don’t have control over outcomes. 

It reminded us to surrender into the process…

to embrace that things will unfold exactly the way that they’re supposed to, and rid ourselves of thinking that it “should be” this way, or it “should be” that way.

It’s a mantra that encourages you to be in complete acceptance of whatever the hell is happening around you, and within you…

And So It Is. 

Currently…the homeless situation is escalating at a rapid rate…

Violence in the streets is on the rise..

Stress, and mental illness is more visible than ever before. 

And So It Is. 

For me, all of these scenarios feel quite challenging at times. 

They’ve brought forth emotions that run the gamet from anxious and unsettled to frustrated and angry to resentful and restless.

I’ve felt exhausted by our current state of affairs, and yearning for the freedoms I often took for granted. 

And So It Is.  

I came across Albert Einstein’s quote recently, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. One is as though everything is a miracle”….

And it really got me thinking….

Is everything that’s unfolding around us a miracle? 

My immediate response to this is, “no way”; however, when I slow down and take a deeper look, my feelings shift a bit. 

I do believe that human existence, which allows us to feel and experience all of these things – whether joyous, or miserable, is a miracle in and of itself.

The fact that you have an ability to feel pain, sadness, remorse, and disdain is a gift.

And often, in my experience, the deepest, darkest places that you can go amidst times of struggle and despair, allow for the most profound healing experiences available to you.  

And So It Is.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to share my weekly thoughts with you, and love having deeper conversations as a result, whether through email, or phone. 

I’m here to support you in any way that I can, and also believe that it’s imperative that you take the initiative to support yourself. 

Meditation, breathwork, therapists, coaches, support groups, community driven events, dance, sing, paint, write, run, surf…

Whatever form of expression that you can fully embody to align with the “everything is a miracle” philosophy, seems like a good idea to me.

Because at the end of the day, your perspective is everything. 

I often remind my clients that value is perceived, so with this being said, what type of value can you extract from the world right now?    

Perhaps it’s in the form of a miracle. Perhaps not. 

And So It Is.