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1st Of All, Thank You!

By November 21, 2018October 9th, 2019No Comments

Ok, here it goes…(24 + 1) things that I’m thankful for….

1) My health.

2) My happiness.

3) Choosing to do work that feels good to me.

4) My clients, who show up every week and commit to working on personal and leadership development.

5) My dog, Q. Formally known as Cupid. This is for you, Shabnum.

6) My Mom, Olga, who continues to live young.

7) My dad, Chuck Piandes. A modern day renaissance man.

8) My brother, Gary, who’s herculean effort allowed him to recently emerge from the abyss of nursing school with honors. Nice work, dude!

9) My sister n law, Jayme and her dad, Terry. Officially, the nicest people in the world.

10) My marketing partner/guru, Erica, who has taken on insurmountable projects and helped bring them to fruition. Thank you, Erica!!

11) Venice, CA.

12) My Venice volleyball crew and family.

13) The Venice Farmers market.

14) My USM peeps.

15) My long time and new friends.

16) The ocean – my new found love of surfing.

17) My men’s group, who challenges me to grow, learn, live and love.

18) My neighbors, Ferg, Brandi, Ava, Casey and Kingston.

19) Gareth Monks, my sacral occipital chiropractor who helped me find true alignment in my body.

20) The Circuit Works crew.

21) The Rama Institute, and the other yoga centers on the westside of LA.

22) My SF family, Sandy, Toma, Gabe, Maria, the list goes on…

23) My orange bike – Thank you, Beth.

24) And…YOU – Thank you for participating in my Wednesday newsletter – I love hearing from each of you!

(+1)…..I’m thankful for the upcoming projects, events and opportunities that I get to share with you.

Here’s a few teasers:

LEADERSHIP MENTOR PROGRAM: We recently launched our leadership mentor program, The Art of Masterful Communication, and are completing 2 successful pilot programs with reputable companies.

​​​​​​​If you want to learn more and feel that your organization could benefit from the program, please let me know.
We’re launching the program for individuals in 2019. 

EXPAND INTO GREATNESS RETREAT: July 12-14, 2019 @ The San Francisco Zen Center in breathtaking Muir Woods. My colleague, and dear friend, Toma Ramirez and I will lead 16 people through a 2-day transformative experience. More info coming…..

INDIVIDUAL COACHING: I have spots for new individual coaching clients for 2019. Could be a great way to start the year. Think about it. Let me know if it sparks an interest for you. 

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