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Find Your Power Through Service!

By August 7, 2019No Comments

When I sit down to construct these posts, I frequently reference my teachers, Dr Ron and Mary Hulnick, from the Masters in Spiritual Psychology program I completed in 2015.

They had such a huge impact on my life and taught me many valuable lessons throughout the program.

There’s one lesson, in particular, that tends to rise to the top, especially when I’m feeling tired and uncertain.

There were many times throughout the Masters program in which I, or my colleagues, would share stories of challenging times.

Throughout the program, I’d hear stories of people seeking a different way of living – something that touched their hearts, moved them, or provided a spark within their creative spirit.

It was in those moments, as each brave individual would stand up and share their deepest desires, that Mary would remind each of us of importance of being in service to others….

She would say, “When in doubt, always ask yourself, how shall I serve”.

Pausing throughout my days and asking myself the question, “How shall I serve?”, has proved to be a tremendous catalyst for my own personal growth and growth of my business.

The notion of being in service is something that I’ve always inherently believed in, but didn’t fully resonate for me until I heard it spoken in class.

So……what does it mean to “be in service”?

I don’t believe there’s one clear cut answer to this. In fact, I believe that the act of being in service can take many forms.

It could mean something different for everyone; I think this is what makes it so powerful.

When I consider what it means for me, the following ideas pop to mind. It’s about….

Fully showing up for the people around you.

Leaving my own agenda at the door.

It’s knowing that the people around me are fully capable, and have all the answers they need inside of them.

Guiding people towards their own solutions.

Acknowledging people for doing a good job.

The list goes on and on….

At the end of the day, being in service to others is empowering. It empowers the people around you, because you’ve shown up ready to support them in their own personal journey, and it empowers you because it feels good to do so.

When you stop and reflect on the work that you do, how does being in service come into play? Perhaps it’s super clear, OR, requires you to stop, get quiet and think about it.

Would love to hear how “being in service” plays a role in your life.  Comment below or share your thoughts here on Facebook.

It’s always great to hear from you!

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