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Do You Empower Through Trust?

By July 11, 2019July 25th, 2019No Comments

I’ve struggled with trust.

NOT with my capabilities. I trust those deeply…..

….I trust in my competency to perform as a coach.

I trust that I can deliver an impactful message via my newsletters.

I trust in my ability to connect with others.

These examples of “trust” are extensions of my heart and feel really good.

However, when I turn my back on my heart and move into my head, a lack of trust inevitably follows.

And when I’m in my head, things tend to get super analytical. Perhaps some of these sound familiar…

Holy shit, I’m getting older, now what?

That person is better than me.

If I had only saved more money when I was younger.

It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have said that.

Why is this change that I’m seeking taking so long?!

Turning your back on your heart typically moves you into your head and when you’re in your head and analytical mind takes over, life isn’t fun.

In fact, when you continuously move through life leading from your mind, your creativity is stifled, you feel more depressed, you have lower levels of energy, and you’re unable to truly connect with others.

You see…..your mind, which is often driven by your ego, is constantly wanting to come up with solutions when solutions aren’t necessary.

It wants to analyze “why” things are the way they are, rather than move into the present and accept “what IS”.

The mind wants to make past experiences wrong and right, versus viewing them as opportunities for learning and growth.

The mind, as you know, resides in your head, and when you live in your head, you lose your sense of trust…..a sense of trust IN YOURSELF.

AND when you lose a sense of trust in yourself, you become disempowered….

Knowing that there’s a strong chance that you’d prefer to move through life feeling empowered, creative, spirited and joyful, here are 3 simple rules that will support you in your quest to trust and empower yourself and others:

1) Stay present (because this is the only thing that’s real)
2) Connect to your heart (perhaps it requires you to stop, close your eyes and breathe)
3) Surrender to the process (know that you cannot control your outcomes)

Personally, I really have to work at these things, because it’s easy for me to get caught up in my head, especially with the noises and distractions that life brings to the table.

So, when you start to get up in your head, and want to “figure it out”, remember, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and there’s nothing to figure out.

Talk to you soon.

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