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22 Lessons from Burning Man

By September 11, 2019April 17th, 2023No Comments

After a 7 year Hiatus, and at the beginning of my return trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada from a few weeks ago, I turned to my good friend, Alana and said…..

“Dude, are we getting older or does everyone look super young?”

The answer…..”both”.

It was an interesting moment for me.

Just as I was feeling a smidge of insecurity regarding my age, a naked guy with a white beard rode by on his bike and helped me immediately shift my perspective.

Cheers to that guy!

He quickly reminded me that “mindset is everything”.

So, from that point forward, I fully embraced my age and everything that the playa (the festival grounds) had to offer.

Here are 22 thoughts from my journey that have stayed with me since returning back to my “normal” life….

1. People love having fun.
2. Smiling makes people look way better.
3. Dancing is therapeutic.
4. Everyone is a little kid at heart.
5. Tapping into your creativity is really important.
6. When you surround yourself with great people, you elevate your own greatness.
7. Selectively saying, “I don’t give a f**k” is incredibly freeing.
8. Furkinis are really comfortable.
9. Geniuses exist.
10. I’m very fortunate to have fun, reliable and quirky friends.
11. Sausage fests are soooo 2019.
12. By simply saying, “I did the Math”, you can quickly end disputes. (thanks, Victor)
13. San Francisco family is strong!
14. I’ve matured…..a little.
15. Soap, water, shelter, and life’s necessities are gifts.
16. I’m not afraid to scream, “get off my lawn!”
17. When in doubt….breathe. (Thank YOU, Alana!)
18. Instagram isn’t real, BUT it’s a real problem.
19. There is a Swiss version of the “running man” dance and it’s pretty good.
20. It feels great to help someone in times of need – The playa provides.
21. It feels great to rely on others in times of need – The playa provides.
22. We’re all uniquely different and very much the same!

Yah, I drank a little bit of the hippie Koolaid out there, but man, I’m excited to go back.

Perhaps you’ll join me next year?!



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