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Company &
Team Workshop

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We offer 3 transformative workshops for small businesses,
groups and teams within organizations.

Each workshop is offered on either a ½ or full day basis.

For full day workshops, we have the ability to customize the
experience and combine two of the offerings.

Prior to the workshop, we work closely with you to ensure
that we’re meeting your needs and understand your
expectations. Each workshop is designed to create impact
and lasting results.

Our intention is to provide you with tangible tools and daily
practices that will have an immediate and positive impact
on your team’s personal and professional life.

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Happy Clients

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Adam led a fun and impactful session on communication for our team. His emphasis on listening and
asking powerful questions resonated strongly with participants with easily accessible actions and
takeaways.  Adam is a passionate, approachable and engaging facilitator who threads his personal and
coaching experience into his teachings for a powerful impact.

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Jen Freitas, Director, People Learning & Engagement
Clif Bar & Company

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Working on Masterful Communication
with some of L.A’s finest business leaders

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Our 2 day immersions are designed to go deep into the
infrastructure of your business or team.

Similar to our workshops, we collaborate with you to
customize the experience, and ensure that we’re on the
same page heading into the immersion.

Often times, new issues and ideas will emerge that weren’t

This can be a very good thing!

By taking time away from the rigors of everyday worklife,
we give ourselves an opportunity to let our guard down
and open ourselves to new opportunities.

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Happy Clients

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Adam led a sales leadership seminar with key members of my team. He focused on getting the team to
know each other better, open up and build trust amongst each other.  This was a powerful session that
lead to a great deal of sharing that resulted in some great team building.

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Matt Katzenson, CEO
FineLines Company

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Create a company and culture

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That everyone wants to be a part of!

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