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The Art of Masterful Communication (AOMC)

Our programs further develop one’s emotional intelligence, leadership abilities, confidence, and self-awareness. We support your organization on 3 levels:


To help you recruit top talent and build loyalty by offering a program that teaches lifelong communication skills.

To create a high-performance culture where your employees feel valued, mentored for growth, and part of a supportive, collaborative community.

To provide a platform that enables colleagues to build trust with one another, teaches them to have healthy conflict, and nurtures them to become more efficient, innovative, productive, and fulfilled.

Our 6-week group coaching program is a blended learning experience that combines our online course, (AOMC), and 6-weeks of virtual group coaching, via Zoom. Teams move through the progressive program together and are asked to complete two video modules per week, answer the coinciding questions, and participate in the weekly discussions with their colleagues.
Size: 100 participants per cohort

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Our 12-month email campaign takes participants on a yearlong journey by delivering two carefully crafted and relevant emails per month that include the primary and bonus videos from the AOMC online course. Each email is constructed around the AOMC theme for the month and builds on the previous month’s theme. This program is unique in that it gives ample time for participants to digest and integrate the content over the course of 12 months.
Size: Unlimited

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Annual licenses of the AOMC online course are available for organizations who run their online learning programs through a LMS (Learning Management System). The AOMC program is available and delivered via a SCORM file. The annual licensing program is designed to serve unlimited members.
Size: Unlimited

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