The Art Of Masterful Communication 6-Week Group Coaching Program
YES! I want to join the coaching program!
The mortgage industry has experienced many rate hikes and staff reductions throughout the year,
BUT the workload often remains the same. 
You have demanding turnaround times and deadlines,
BUT fewer people to help you do it.
Because of this, you are…

  • Constantly putting out fires and dealing with drama 
  • Needing help keeping team members aligned. 
  • Feeling drained to keep people engaged and motivated.
  • Stressed with too many things you need to get done.
  • Losing your best people. 
Now more than ever, you need to feel supported and appreciated. 
How do you create an environment where you feel supported, and your team feels supported by you?
So that you can…

  • Focus on high-level business vision and strategy.
  • Move as a cohesive unit toward vision and drive revenue. 
  • Keep people excited and contributing. 
  • Empower a self-regulating team that solves problems quickly.
  • Keep your best people.
Did you know that…

  • 27% - Companies with actively motivated employees realize a 27% higher profit.

  • 300% - Companies and teams with better cultures would increase their revenue by 300%

  • 67% - 67% of staff are motivated at their job with the presence of a motivational program.

  • 85% - A 5% increase in the employee recognition rate can increase profitability by 25% - 85%.
You can’t achieve these numbers by staying the same. 

You MUST invest in yourself!
And it begins with mastering your communication!
On June 28th, for six weeks, we will move collectively, once/a week, as a cohort through one of the world's highest-rated courses on leadership and communication.
You will build trust and resilience with your team members in powerful, supportive ways.
And I’m going to be your coach the whole way through. :) 
We will learn, challenge one another, and have fun.
The four primary areas we will focus on are...

  1. Behavior – Better understanding of your patterns and how you move through the world. 
  2. Responsibility – Increasing your sense of emotional well-being and intelligence. 
  3. Empowerment – Learning how to empower yourself and others. 
  4. Influence – Activating your voice, asking for what you want and need, and making explicit requests of others.
Once the program is completed…

You will bring a new level of expertise to the table. 

Your presence as a leader with authority will skyrocket. 

Your relationships with and ability to influence others will flourish. 

All of this supports you in moving toward an increase in revenue,  motivation, and fulfillment.

Your Investment ONLY: 3 Payments of $199
Twenty-four hours to sign up at this rate. Price will go to (3 payments of $229)
YES! I want to join the coaching program!

The Art Of Masterful Communication 6-Week Group Coaching Program

Schedule: (All calls at 2 pm CST):

  • Week 1: Wednesday, June 28th
  • Week 2: Tuesday, July 11th 
  • Week 3: Tuesday, July 18th 
  • Week 4: Tuesday, July 25th 
  • Week 5: Tuesday, August 1st 
  • Week 6: Tuesday, August 8th
  • Week 7: Tuesday, August 15th

Program Details: (Robust Online Learning Platform): 

Online Portal:  

Robust Online portal/learning center packed with 36 videos on the AOMC, methodology, worksheets, reflective questions, and quizzes to develop as an empowered, influential leader and unify with team members towards common goals as you cohesively move through the program. 

Group Coaching: 

You get access to 7 (60 min) group coaching sessions to share your learnings of the online program, create stronger connections and trust amongst colleagues and receive high-level, personal coaching. Every session comprises teaching, small group breakout discussion, and group coaching. After every session, you will receive a summary of the call and prompts to guide them through the upcoming week. 

  • WEEK 1: Overview
  • WEEK 2: Energy & Invisible Obstacles
  • WEEK 3: Fear & Self-Awareness
  • WEEK 4: Choice & Compassion
  • WEEK 5: Listening & Acknowledging
  • WEEK 6: Observing & Questioning
  • WEEK 7: Directing & Requesting

Tools & Resources: 

Pre/post-course assessment to measure your progress across four primary categories: Behavior, Responsibility, Empowerment, and Influence. 

Certificate of Completion

You’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 6-week program. 

YES! I want to join the coaching program!
 Tony Lourakis, CEO
AOMC taught our people how to be graceful when it’s hard and communicate with clarity and compassion when it’s needed most.  
Kate Nyzova, Product Marketing Manager
I cannot stress enough how life-changing your course on communication became for me!
Jean Annan, Psychologist
One of the best professional learnings I’ve ever had. It’s fantastic!
Hieu Tran, Account Executive
I’ve connected, shared my experiences, and really gotten to know my colleagues.
Anand Bajpai, Business Manager
This program saved my life. If I’m saying it, I really mean it. This program became a lifesaver for me.
Deborah Horrocks, Educational Consultant
The program was superb! It was relevant and really what I needed.
Courtney Nicolaides, Customer Success
Amazing content, Accessible, Friendly, kind, and open with concrete strategies.
Shawn Udema, Sales Manager
An amazing team-building exercise for our sales team across North America.