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3 Foot Toss

For a few months, I will provide a series of 12 scenarios that I hope you’ll find thought-provoking.  The intention behind this is to create simple, relevant experiences that are […]

Lean into Your Fear

For a few months, I will provide a series of 12 scenarios that I hope you’ll find thought-provoking.  The intention behind this is to create simple, relevant experiences that are […]

How to Stay Alert

For a few months, I will provide a series of 12 scenarios that I hope you’ll find thought-provoking. The intention behind this is to create simple, relevant experiences that are […]

You Manage Your Energy

For the next few months, I’m going to provide a series of 12 scenarios that I hope you’ll find thought-provoking. The intention behind this is to create simple, relevant experiences […]

What I Learned In 2019

Last week, #25 on my list of 2019 takeaways was, “growth is a process, not an event.” You may have heard me mention this “growth is a process” statement  in […]

What I Learned In 2019

2019… Here’s 25 takeaways….. The new year comes quicker each year. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone is doing their best. Coaching clients feels like I’m constantly being asked […]

How You Get Unstuck

  I recently started working with a couple who are in the early stages of merging their businesses. I met with them a few weeks ago to assess where things […]

Simple Questions Can Make You Money

The statement, “simple questions can make you money,” isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but rather, an invitation to stay curious in your business encounters. Let me give you an […]

Your Questions Create Action

Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked about listening, with the intention of transitioning into today’s topic…. Which is…..Questioning.  A few months ago,I had an interesting discussion with a lawyer […]

How You Get Results (Part 2)

Last week I gave you 3 simple steps to help you become a better listener:   1) Remove your agenda 2) Drop expectations 3) Embrace being in service.  Once you […]

How You Get Results (Part 1)

Last week I talked about how NOT to get results and introduced the “What About Me?” level of listening… As a reminder….“What About Me?” is when you’re NOT listening…most people “listen” from this […]

How to Align Your Team

For the remainder of the year, my blog posts will focus on the use of effective language in the workplace, specifically when considering topics such as empowerment and influence. Before […]

Creating a Winning Culture

My good friend, Suzan Hart (The Mindset Mastery Mentor), interviewed me a few weeks ago during a Facebook Live event.. It was fun! We had a great discussion on company […]

Spread Your Good Word

For the month of September, the blog post topics focused on a pair of skill sets that work brilliantly together – Silence & Acknowledgment. Both skills require you to be […]

This Action Built Trust

The old adage is that it takes time to build trust with someone. In some cases, I agree. There’s an element of consistency and truthfulness that supports the growth of […]

22 Lessons from Burning Man

After a 7 year Hiatus, and at the beginning of my return trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada from a few weeks ago, I turned to my good […]

Can you be neutral?

A few weeks ago, I spoke about the power of silence and suggested that it’s important to remain neutral throughout the process. If you’re anything like me, you’ve had many […]

Silence is Your Secret

20 years ago, I took a Middle School teaching job at a boarding school in Western Connecticut called Indian Mountain School (IMS). I remember when I took the job and […]

The Power Within You

This month’s blog posts were about accessing the power within you. From being in service to others, taking ownership for your word choices, and acknowledging others, the journey of self-empowerment […]

Do This To Increase Confidence

Being in service is about supporting others through their own personal growth process. I wrote about the importance of being in service in a recent newsletter and suggested the following, […]

Your Words Matter a LOT

I’ve been doing a lot of group coaching within organizations lately. I’ve learned a ton from working with these groups, and it’s given me an opportunity to identify some language […]

Find Your Power Through Service!

When I sit down to construct these posts, I frequently reference my teachers, Dr Ron and Mary Hulnick, from the Masters in Spiritual Psychology program I completed in 2015. They […]

Are You Ready To Lead?

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in July. Firstly, the overarching theme for the month was “Empowerment”, as we focused on topics such as […]

Is Your Inner World Winning?

How you relate to the issue IS the issue. The teachers from my Masters program frequently shared these words of wisdom in class. They served as a reminder that each of […]

What Did You Say?

When was the last time you were in a conversation and sensed that the other person wasn’t listening to you? I don’t know about you, but in those moments, I […]

Do You Empower Through Trust?

I’ve struggled with trust. NOT with my capabilities. I trust those deeply….. ….I trust in my competency to perform as a coach. I trust that I can deliver an impactful […]

Are you ready to expand?

As we enter the second half of the year, the question, “Are you ready to expand?”, feels apropos. Often times, the emphasis for “getting things going”, or “creating new behaviors”, […]

Do You Know Your Patterns

In last week’s blog post, I wrote about compassion. One of the things that I left out of the newsletter, is my belief that compassion is one of the best […]

Fill Your Compassion Cup

Do you tend to be hard on yourself? When I ask this question of the individuals and groups that I work with, the resounding response is often…..YES! This probably doesn’t […]

You Choose Empowerment

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in May. Firstly, the overarching theme for the month was “Choice”, as we focused on topics such as […]

Are You Kind Enough?

Are you kind enough? Hmmmm. Often times when I ask this question of someone, they’ll immediately think of a time when they WEREN’T kind……to someone else… That time they said […]

Ready to change your life?

Over the past few months, I’ve briefly spoke about our upcoming 2-day retreat & 3-month coaching program called, Expand Into Greatness. I’m really excited about the program and want to […]

You Are A Great Leader!

Most of the work that I do is focused on leadership development within organizations, working under the premise that everyone, regardless of seniority, experience, or age, has leadership abilities. What […]

Do You Ever Feel Anxious?

In last week’s newsletter, I shared one of my favorite quotes from my teachers: “Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality” This quote has served me quite well over […]

Things You Don’t Like About Others

The things you don’t like about other people…..have nothing to do with them. Think about this for a second… The things YOU don’t like about other people………..HAVE NOTHING to do […]

Self-Awareness Yields Results

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in April. Firstly, the overarching theme for the month was “Self-Awareness”, as we focused on topics such as [...]

The common formula that gets results…

I have 2 clients who I’ve been coaching for the last 3 years. Every week we hop on the phone for 50-60 mins, talk about their work, life, strategies, relationships, [...]

What choice do you have?

Have you ever found yourself in a state of victimhood? - Blaming your setbacks and mishaps on the people, places and things around you. I think it’s fair to say [...]

Frustrated By A Colleague? Do This..

I recently flew to Oakland to spend the day with a new client.  It’s always cool for me to peek into a company’s culture, work environment, leadership style, etc  I […]

Are You Open to Change?

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in March. Firstly, the overarching theme for the month was “vulnerability”, as we focused on topics such as […]

How 5 Horseshoes Will Change Your Life

For the month of March, I’m taking a progressive approach and having each newsletter build on the previous one. A few weeks ago, I encouraged you to take a closer […]

Ways To Examine Your “Stuff”

Last week, I suggested that if you want to manifest the things that you desire in your life, you have to take a closer look at your behaviors and patterns….. […]

Do You Embrace Vulnerability?

For the first quarter of 2019, my intention is to focus on subject matters that relate to your “behaviors and patterns” and provide insight on how to effectively work with […]

How are you showing up at work and in your life?

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in February. Firstly, the overarching theme for the month was “presence”, as we focused on themes such as your […]

How Often Do You Play?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter on “approachability” and asked you the question, “Are you approachable?” ……..and suggested that you have an opportunity to improve your overall approachability.  The big question […]

Who Holds You Accountable?

One of the first questions I ask someone when we begin a coaching relationship is, “What is the most effective way to hold you accountable?” Like any situation, people approach […]

Are You Approachable?

When you stop and reflect on the people in your life, who do you tend to gravitate towards when you need to discuss something of importance? What are a few […]

Your January Gut Check

Here’s a summary, and some highlights, of the newsletter topics I discussed in January. The overarching theme for the month was “slowing down”, which in many respects feels ironic, due […]

What Are You Seeing

In my newsletter from a few weeks ago, I suggested that reflection drives action and provided you with the following formula: Question > Reflection > Insight > Inspiration > Action. […]

A Small Step Forward

As of today, I’ve officially taken another trip around the sun….Yes, it’s my birthday. 🙂 When I stop and reflect on the past year, a lot has happened. Some good, […]

How Are You Feeling?

The transition from one year to the next is often full of hope, optimism, new goals, hittin’ the gym, bucket lists, and a whole lot more….. It’s a wonderful time […]

Your Reflection Drives Action

The end of the year is typically synonymous with taking a few moments for honest self-reflection. You look back on 2018, reflect on all of your experiences, and then move […]

What I Learned in 2018

​​​​​​​2018… Here’s what I learned or was reinforced….. 1. The best relationships don’t always last forever. 2. Kundalini yoga is transformative, especially when practiced with consistency. 3. I can be […]

Fear is Your Friend

Are you familiar with Yoda’s quote on fear?… Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering Or, in […]

What Are Your Boundaries?

I recently decided to “unfriend” someone on Facebook. Remember Facebook? Yes, it still exists. My choice to click the “unfriend” button doesn’t mean that I don’t care for this person, […]

1st Place Your Intuition

Lately, I’ve had a number of conversations with people going through major life transitions. Transition in their career. Transition out of a relationship. Transition on how they relate to the […]

Are You A 5 Or A 10?

There’s a belief that the “Middle Way” is what creates happiness for oneself and others.  The “Middle Way” is probably best described as the path between two extremes.  In today’s world, you’re often encouraged […]

1st Of All, Thank You!

Ok, here it goes…(24 + 1) things that I’m thankful for…. 1) My health. 2) My happiness. 3) Choosing to do work that feels good to me. 4) My clients, […]

Ask for What You Want

In my past, I struggled to ask for the things that I wanted. As a result, I would get stuck in situations that didn’t feel completely in alignment with my […]

You Control Your Mind

I’m closing in on 5 years since starting Adam Piandes International. Pretty cool stuff as the company has evolved and grown in ways that I never would have imagined from […]

What Advice Do You Have on Halloween?

Happy Halloween! I went to the KCRW Halloween party in Los Angeles Saturday night. Super fun time and lots of great costumes!! _____________________ Last week, I wrote about the power […]

#1 Skill to Resolve Conflict

Have you ever introduced two friends from different facets of your life – and then they started dating? I have. It’s pretty cool when it happens, especially when things are […]

Tell 2 People, “You’re Awesome!”

Yup, I’m asking that you tell 2 people, “you’re awesome” — TODAY! Why? For one, it boosts the other person’s confidence. AND, according to science, it makes you feel good […]

My Recent Trip to San Francisco

I recently returned to L.A. after spending 6 days in San Francisco. The trip was mostly for work, but also filled with a lot of laughs and fun times with […]

Do This 1 Thing Today ????

A couple questions for you…… When was the last time someone began to share their story with you and you responded by half-listening? What was it in that moment that […]

What would your fear say to you

I recently started working with a new client. She’s been with her current company for 15 years and recently changed roles within the organization. Over the years, she’s worn a […]

What do you do when you get hacked?

My life got hacked the other day. So, I’m using this week’s blog post to share my experience. I’ll continue with the remainder of the video series next week. On […]

Are you choosing empowerment?

If you had a choice, would you rather feel empowered or like a victim? While most people would immediately choose empowered, the truth is that a majority tend to reside […]

Reflection is your medicine for consistent growth

I’m sure at one point or another, you’ve heard a quote that sounds something like…. “Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, it all depends on how […]

Lean Into Your Fear of Public Speaking

In this week’s video I talk about the “fear of public speaking”, the changes that can occur from leaning into this fear, and the opportunities for growth that come as […]

Are you caught up in the details?

Have you ever struggled with perfectionism? You know what I mean, right?! — when something has to be so damn perfect that everything else takes a back seat, even when […]

Do you bring positive energy to work?

There’s a tendency in society to keep our personal and professional lives separate from one another. In some instances, this is probably a good thing; however, when you’re going through […]

Millennials or Humans?

Lately, in support of my recently launched leadership mentor program, I’ve been doing research on the “Millennial turnover problem” and discovered that it’s costing companies $30 billion dollars annually. Turns out that 60% of Millennials are open to a new job and 21% have changed jobs within the past year. One article claims that Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workplace.

How To Be Efficient With Your Personal Acknowledgement

William James once said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” When’s the last time you told someone they did an awesome job? My guess […]

Remote Control: Seven Tips For Running A Virtual Business

Every morning, Noel Chandler wakes up at 5 a.m. to the sounds of the jungle. He sneaks out of bed, tiptoes past his kids’ room as they sleep and meditates […]

Five Skills To Help You Pioneer The Shift Toward Transformational Leadership

The Deloitte Millennial Study of 2016 found that personal values have the greatest influence on millennials’ decision-making. With millennials currently representing the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, we can assume […]

Dear Cancer — I Love You

Last August I walked into my doctor’s office, listened to him clear his throat and say  — “Adam, you have Thyroid Cancer.” CANCER?! Me?! Can’t be! I’m an athlete! I eat […]

The Three Most Important Words a Man Can Learn to Say

In July of 2013, I put all of my personal belongings in storage, closed down my Venice Beach apartment, got on a plane and flew to my hometown of Boston, […]

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