Art of Masterful Communication
Stories of Growth:
Supporting individuals and organizations
Building Culture:

Dynasty Financial is a leading provider of wealth management and technology platforms.

Dynasty went through AOMC and continues to experience positive shifts in all of their communication efforts. Have a listen to this (2+ min) video testimonial of their collective experience.
Psychological Safety:

Jacinta Posadas : Sales Operations Coordinator : Manila, Philippines.

In this (1 min) video, Jacinta shares how the AOMC program provided a safe space for her to be vulnerable in the workplace, and how this was a brand new experience for her.
Developing Skills:

Audrey Campbell : Senior Content Manager : Oakland, California.

In this (1+ min) video, Audrey shares how the AOMC program enhanced her understanding of what it means to be a masterful listener, and the importance of listening in today’s new virtual world.
Mental Health & Wellness:

Anand Bajpai : Business manager : Delhi, India.

In this (1+ min) video, Anand shares a glowing, heartful and powerful endorsement for AOMC and how the program helped him laugh more, improve his relationships, and ultimately, saved his life.