Managers tell people what to do.
Leaders inspire others to do those same things.

Are you ready to become an extraordinary leader?


5 ways this online course is a game changer 
for you.

Teaches you how to be a confident, influential leader.

Empowers you to effectively communicate what you need to thrive.

Creates daily practices that bring more joy and meaning into your life.

Helps you develop the skills needed to create productive and positive environments.

Prevents interpersonal drama in your life that wastes time and destroys morale.


Become of decisive, confident and influential leader.

12 video modules that will elevate your game and separate you from the pack.

Module 1: Ride the Energy Wave

Learn to manage your energy in order to create balance and stability in your life.

  • Energy is the most important foundational element for effective communication.
  • Every choice you make and action you take involves energy.
  • Understanding how your energy works is a huge competitive advantage.

Module 2: Find Your Invisible Obstacles

​​Align with your invisible obstacles and accelerate your growth process.

  • You are the creator of your own invisible obstacles.
  • There are 3 primary invisible obstacles that may be holding you back.
  • By identifying your obstacles, you’re able to use them to your benefit.

Module 3: Fear is Your Friend

​Build a strong foundation by making fear your biggest motivator.

  • Fear is developed over time and the result of your life experiences.
  • Being able to identify your fears, no matter how subtle, is a game changer.
  • You can always rely on a 5-step process to effectively work through your fears.

Module 4: Awaken Your Awareness

​Use self-awareness to propel yourself towards extraordinary leadership.

  • Your internal communication often translates to how you communicate with others.
  • “Headtrash” are stories you tell yourself, about yourself that will inevitably hold you back.
  • Deeper levels of self-awareness make you available to new opportunities in your life.

Module 5: Great by Choice

​Own your actions and outcomes and inspire others in the process.

  • Victimhood is blaming others for your frustrations, resentments and anger.
  • You can be great by choice, even amidst the most challenging times.
  • Make a commitment to be fully responsible for all your actions and outcomes.

Module 6: Increase Your Compassionate Capacity

​Be in service to yourself and others by leading with compassion.

  • Your negative patterns and belief systems keep you from being a great leader.
  • Self-compassion is the key that unlocks extraordinary leadership from within.
  • Commit to showing compassion for others and rise above the rest.

Module 7: Listen Like a Jedi

​Master your listening skills and watch your team's results soar.

  • Listening is the single most powerful communication skill you can develop as a leader.
  • Expert listening enables you to empower those around you.
  • Productive outcomes arise when you enter conversations without an agenda.

Module 8: The Power of Bringing People UP

​Encourage and acknowledge others as frequently as possible.

  • The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. 
  • Acknowledgement for a job well done will go a long way for your peers. 
  • Consistent recognition has a huge impact on your team’s overall happiness.

Module 9: Silence is the Secret

​​Discover the power of silence as your secret sauce for success.

  • The most powerful response you can give someone is often no response at all.
  • Refraining from giving others advice allows them time to process their thoughts.
  • Inspiring others to draw their own conclusions is what causes effective change.

Module 10: Curiosity is the Key

​Make curiosity the key to unlocking the greatness in others.

  • By remaining curious, you help others get unstuck and move through their dilemmas. 
  • Extraordinary leaders know that everyone has the answers inside of them. 
  • Asking powerful questions gives people permission to make insightful decisions.

Module 11: Empower Your Tribe

Empower your tribe by guiding them to arrive at their own solutions.

  • Masterful communicators and leaders know how to effectively empower others.
  • When you realize you don’t know what’s best for others, you foster self-exploration.
  • Helping people to change their way of thinking is what moves them towards solutions.

Module 12: A.S.K. to G.E.T

​Influence others by being clear on and asking for what you want.

  • Connecting to your emotions allows you to make deeper connections with others. 
  • Great leaders are clear and concise with their wants, needs, and requests. 
  • There is a reliable and successful formula to ask for and get what you want.

In addition, you will receive the following bonuses...

Expert Library

Unlimited access to a growing library of expert interviews discussing subjects such as: health mastery, sleep, vulnerability, diversity, and empowerment, to name a few.

Training for Team Leaders

It's not easy for team leaders to balance daily responsibilities, manage a team, and implement a new program all at the same time.

To help leaders successfully guide their teams through the course, we created an additional 6-week leadership training series.

$25 Amazon Gift Card

As a means of saying congratulations and thank you, we have an incentive program that rewards members who complete the program with a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.

* Upon Completion of the Course

About Adam

Adam Piandes has worked with professional athletes, CEO’s, celebrities, prominent business owners and founders, premier yoga and spiritual instructors, and many others who strive to be a better leader in their line of work and take their business to the next level.

He’s been leading teams and motivating people for over 20 years, combining a background of teaching middle school, coaching high school athletics, training collegiate and professional athletes and running Business Development teams for tech start-up companies.

He honed his leadership and communication skills via a dedicated yoga and meditation practice, competitive sports, and a connection to the outdoors.

He’s immersed himself in powerful communities such as The Mankind Project, learned master level coaching practices from the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute, earned certification through the International Coach Federation and received a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

In addition, his insights have been featured articles published by The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and Forbes.

Adam entered the world with a gift and love for connecting with people, grew up in the Boston area, was inducted into his High School Athletic Hall of Fame, played basketball in college and Europe, graduated as Bates College basketball’s 5th all-time leading scorer, lived in a Colorado ski town for a few years and eventually landed in San Francisco, CA in 2001. He currently resides in Los Angeles and loves working closely with his clients to help them become stronger, more decisive leaders.

The 5 pillars of the Art of Masterful Communication course... 

You get 12 video modules in the course: each successive video builds on the previous video's teachings. The first 6 videos in the course help you to develop your internal communication skills and a deeper sense of self-awareness. The second 6 videos focus on your external communication skills, and provide a roadmap to inspire, motivate and influence others.

Each video module includes a PDF worksheet to help you deepen your understanding of the teachings. The worksheets contain a relevant inspirational quote, 5 main takeaways from the lesson and questions to support your growth as a masterful communicator and help you develop a stronger understanding of the material.

There’s a bonus video library of interviews I conducted with some of the best experts in the world, in the areas of sleep, movement, diversity and vulnerability, to name a few. Each interview focuses on a specific subject matter and how it impacts and assists your ability to become a masterful communicator and inspirational leader.

Each month you have an opportunity to work directly with me via a conference call that is designed to go over the content taught in the course. During the call, I’ll answer any questions or thoughts that you may have and give you an opportunity to connect with other members of the community. 

The Art of Masterful Communication is designed to support people who are committed to becoming significantly better communicators and leaders. And as we all know, it takes work to get better! As a means of saying congratulations and thank you, we have an incentive program that rewards members who complete the program with a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.  

Real Life Scenarios
Do any of these sound familiar?

Scenario #1: You're going through a personal crisis & have important meetings to attend.


You don't deal with your emotions and give off negative energy.

Masterful Communicator

You deal with your emotions, and create a space for positivity.

Scenario #2: You grip too tightly to projects and get immersed in every decision.


Your need for control keeps you in the weeds and leaves you exhausted.

Masterful Communicator

You stay alert by playing to your strengths, and delegating to others.

Scenario #3: You've been asked to speak at a meeting in front of your colleagues.


You get nervous and retreat, because you don't want to feel embarrassed.

Masterful Communicator

You get nervous, acknowledge your fear, and move towards it to gain strength.

Scenario #4: You feel you don't have enough time in the day to get things done.


You stay as busy as possible and end up feeling defeated.

Masterful Communicator

You choose to slow down, and make choices that rejuvenate you.

Scenario #5: You get into an argument, and your blood continues to boil.


You blame the other person for your frustration and make it their fault.

Masterful Communicator

You recognize that the emotion is yours and take personal responsibility for it.

Scenario #6: You worked hard on a proposal and the client chose someone else.


You blame yourself for not being good enough and it keeps you feeling stuck.

Masterful Communicator

You feel hurt, give yourself compassion, and choose to move forward.

Scenario #7: A colleague stops to speak with you.


You stay distracted and don't take time to truly listen.

Masterful Communicator

You put everything aside, listen and choose to be attentive.

Scenario #8: One of your collegues exceeds expectations.


You don't stop or acknowledge this person because you're too busy.

Masterful Communicator

You choose to stop, connect with this person, and acknowledge their efforts.

Scenario #9: Two colleagues separately complain to you about the other person.


You share your opinion with each of them and possibly 'pick sides'.

Masterful Communicator

You choose to stay silent and observe from a place of neutrality.

Scenario #10: A friend is having a difficult time collaborating and asks what to do.


You give your friend advice, "I would do it on your own."

Masterful Communicator

You encourage exploration, "What would an ideal situation look like for you?"

Scenario #11: A friend believes that they are not suitable for a promotion.


You dive further into the problems, "why don't you feel you're suitable?"

Masterful Communicator

You help change their thinking, "How long have you been feeling this?"

Scenario #12: You have an opportunity to ask for a promotion or a raise.


You're not convinced that you fully deserve it and fearful of rejection.

Masterful Communicator

You make a clear and concise request of what you want and need.

Masterful communicators...

  • Desire more meaningful connections with others.
  • Wish to improve their lives.
  • Want to be challenged.
  • Want to learn, grow and prosper.
  • Believe there’s always an opportunity to get better.
  • Aspire to influence others.

What people are saying...

Adam asks extremely insightful questions and has enabled me to address and realize things about my life that I never knew were there. I recommend Adam for anyone. Whether you’re in need of addressing critical business or personal issues, or just need someone to guide you on how to best articulate your thoughts. He’s your guy.

- Malia Hanagami, Associate Director, MediaCom

I am happy and proud to say that Adam has been a catalyst for me in many ways. He supports me in focusing my attention on the issues at hand that are challenging me, my company and my life, then stepping back and gaining better insight in how to handle and manage the things in front of me.  He’s given me perspective and insight on how to grow as a person and a leader. 

- Matt Katzenson, CEO, Fine Lines Company

Adam enabled me and my team to take our communication skills to new heights. The skills he teaches are simple in nature, yet extremely powerful and effective. Working with Adam helped us grow as a team, but more importantly, strengthen our relationships with our customers.

- Liz Sanchez, Senior VP, First Student

Adam provides intelligent insights backed by business acumen; part sideline strategist, part personal motivator. I’d recommend Adam to any business professional who wants to stay on top of personal goals and work through troubling issues where you may find yourself stuck, needing assistance to overcome them.

- Noel Chandler, CEO, Mosio

Adam helped me maintain a mental edge and grow my business to one of the largest Lacrosse companies in California.

- Matt Ogelsby, CEO, All West Lacrosse

Adam is incredibly insightful and intuitive. He always seems to ask the right questions and does so with compassion and encouragement. In both an individual and group setting, he provides the type of coaching that few are able to do; he is clear, direct, genuine and intentional. I am lucky and blessed to know and have the chance to work with him.

- Crystal Brown, CEO, Healthiest

Adam is a true gem with a gift to deeply listen and impart wisdom founded from his own journey and lessons, fused with over two decades of business leadership experience. With a keen intuition about people and the human psychology, he is always spot on in helping me work through challenges, whatever the situation is. He is a straight-shooter with a heart of gold. To know and work with Adam is one of my greatest treasures.

- JoAnne Longanilla, Founder, Shukuru

Benefits of an online course.

  • Saves time by relaying messages faster.
  • Reduces costs by limiting resources.
  • Builds discipline and accountability.
  • Gives intuitive and flexible learning platform.
  • Appeals to different learning styles.
  • Provides opportunity for better concentration.
  • Ensures that a clear, unified message is delivered.
  • Helps provide a shared, consistent experience.
  • Results in better retention of the information.
  • Connects individuals to a larger community.

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Growing masterful communicators
in our community...

A percentage of the proceeds from the course
go to GALS LA

Our intention for the AOMC course is to create world-class leaders through the teachings of masterful communication.

We chose to partner with the Girls Athletic Leadership School of Los Angeles due to their unwavering commitment to help female adolescents emerge as powerful leaders in this world.

Their innovative curriculum takes a holistic stance to development that recognizes the deep connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Through their teachings of self-love and self-empowerment, they provide a health and wellness curriculum that integrates the physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs of their students.

We love their mission and are honored to call GALS LA our partner in this project!

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