About Adam

From a young age, I found myself in positions of leadership, especially through sports, as I was often called upon to pitch in the big game or take the last shot.

I thrived in high pressure athletic situations; however, my personal world, outside of sports, didn’t always come as easy for me.

I was a sensitive kid, didn’t have “thick skin”, and often acted out through anger and frustration.

As I grew older, I continued to play sports and sought out activities that helped me manage my emotions, but on the flip side, also partook in excessive partying as a coping mechanism and way to escape from life.

I loved having fun and connecting with others, but avoided truly connecting to myself.

When I was 29, I made a commitment to get to know myself better.

What I learned is that being a sensitive person didn’t always have to work against me. What I also learned is that I had to create a greater sense of self-awareness to put it to good use.

From that point forward, I worked with as many therapists, healers, practitioners, teachers, and trainers that I could get my hands on.

I was fully committed to going down the path of self-discovery and soaked up as much information as I could.

The journey was rough at times, but well worth it, as the skills I developed throughout the process proved to be invaluable.

The roughest part of my journey was when I got sick but it was also a major turning point in my life.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer; I felt sick for three years prior to my diagnosis.

In many respects, it was the most grueling time of my life, but also the most transformative.

I was being asked to slow down and learn an entirely new way of relating to and loving myself. I share more of my experience in an article I wrote for the Huffington Post.

I emerged from this experience with a new perspective on life, and a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate with myself and others.

Having learned from some of the best, I developed my own proven leadership methodology.

Playing basketball in college, Europe and for successful teams taught me how to step forward as a leader; I enhanced these skills by being mentored by some of the most prominent facilitators and business minds in the world.

Through these experiences, I developed my own leadership methodology that I’ve taken into the real world and consistently increased results across the board, regardless of industry.

I’ve packaged what I believe to be the most transformative communication skills into an online course called The Art of Masterful Communication.

The course has students in over 60 countries, and teaches them skills that will hopefully transform both their business and personal lives and encourage them to lead from their heart.

As an extension of the course, I’ve built a group coaching program that helps companies and organizations create powerful communication habits, get things done and nurture their best leaders.

My mission is to teach these skills to 10,000,000 people.

I feel happiest when I am teaching and coaching others.

I have a passion for teaching and coaching and love witnessing people blast through their ceilings and achieve higher levels of greatness.

From teaching kids in the classroom, training professional athletes on the field, leading business development teams, and running my own company, I’ve discovered that, at a fundamental level, people want the same things; they want to be seen, heard and acknowledged.

Giving people a platform to express themselves and be recognized not only teaches me a lot about myself, it brings me a ton of fulfillment.

This is when I feel happiest. Perhaps you’re willing to join me in this journey.